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A client in the advertising industry approached Mobius Consulting to investigate a potential data leak. The client was concerned that various systems may have been compromised, and that business could be impacted due to negative stakeholder perceptions.  

The client requested that Mobius Consulting assist with an investigation of the suspected data breach, and requested that Mobius Consulting conduct a high-level Cyber Security controls assessment across their environment.

Mobius Consulting assisted the client by providing the following services:

  • Conducting a detailed data loss incident analysis across the various systems. 
  • Conducting a data loss investigation through log inspection, network traffic analysis, and email analysis.
  • Completing detailed technical security control assessment of the various systems. 
  • Completing a high-level Cyber Security controls assessment based on NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
  • Compiling a report with detailed findings and recommendations for control improvements.

As a result of the data-loss analysis, the client was able to conclude that no data breach had occurred. The client was also able to provide external stakeholders with a positive independent view that no sensitive data had been exfiltrated. The detailed technical controls and Cyber Security assessment include practical recommendations that the client was able to implement and ultimately improve their data and cyber security controls.

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