• Fintech Start-ups: How Cyber Security Can Maximise The Value Of Your Business

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The Mobius Group 2022 Cyber Security Survey reports that within the last 12 months, 72% of organisations have been victims of an attack. This statistic is more alarming when we also consider the level of regulatory oversight to mitigate the Cyber Security risks that may exist within businesses. 

In this environment, most fintech start-ups aim to integrate into the mainstream economy upon launch. However, they soon find themselves needing to prove to their customers, partners, and relevant regulators the controls they have in place to mitigate these cyber risks.

The benefits of Mobius Consulting’s Cyber Security framework for your fintech start-up

As a fintech start-up, consider future Cyber Security risks and threats that could face your product, your business, and your customers. Are you prepared to mitigate them? 

This is where Mobius Consulting can assist. Explore the following benefits of our Cyber Security maturity framework:  

  • Scalability. Our framework allows Cyber Security to scale as your business grows, allowing for continuous improvement rather than re-working and re-engineering your product or business.
  • Streamlined process. Start with your minimum viable controls and end with a fully established Cyber Security capability and function that meets your stakeholders’ (investors, customers, and regulators) requirements
  • Builds trust. Our framework and its results enable you to build trust with your stakeholders and demonstrate to customers that your product is secure.

Why choose Mobius Consulting to assist your fintech start-up? 

Led by Senior Managing Consultant Amanda Hechter, our team of experts in the United Kingdom have the experience and methodologies to help you understand the threats relevant to your business and build the requisite level of security at each phase of your growth (from conception through to launch). 

  • We have worked with some of the largest companies in the world to help them mature their own Cyber Security and align with financial services regulations. 

    These companies will be in your supply chain, and we understand their security expectations. 
  • Our unique and practical approach ensures that your startup isn’t burdened down by excessive controls in the early phases but also allows us to build these controls in a managed fashion.

    We also apply our “Minimum Viable Controls” principle to ensure these controls are tailored to your startup.

Get proactive today.

Fortify your fintech start-up by maturing your Cyber Security, and grow your business confidently in today’s digital risk landscape.