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A well known Financial Services Institute required Mobius Consulting’s assistance in refreshing their Information Security and Information Technology Risk Management policies and standards, as well as their associated controls catalogue, to ensure the relevance of both Information Security and Information Technology controls across their hybrid IT environment – which operates both on-premise and in the cloud.

This entailed that Mobius Consulting review and update their Information Security and Information Technology Risk policies, standards, and controls catalogue in alignment with best practices, including NIST, ISO27000, Cloud Security Alliance and ITIL, as well as legal and regulatory requirements, which included the Cyber Crimes Bill.

Through the refinement of the policies and standards, this client was able to ensure that all Information Security and Information Technology minimum requirements are in line with the latest best practice, as well as applicable laws and regulations and that these requirements are defined as controls within the organisation’s controls catalogue that can be implemented by the business and operational teams, as well as tested by Internal Audit across on-premise and cloud environments.

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