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Lynn Martin’s background is in business consulting and IT consulting. She graduated with a BCom in Informatics and Accounting from North West University and started off her professional career at Andersen. Later Lynn Martin joined The Clicks Group to set up their IT Audit function and then moved to KPMG where she left her position as Associate Director with Patrick Ryan to start Mobius Consulting in 2012.
Lynn Martin has 20 years of experience in the consulting world, and enjoys working together with global team members to ensure the Mobius Consulting culture and standards are implemented across the organisation.
Working at Mobius Consulting over the past 8 years has further refined her skills and dedication to everything related to the company and business consultancy, and she is currently focussed on growing new markets for Mobius Consulting, which involves assisting the new regions to establish as well as helping other existing businesses to improve and develop.


While creating and implementing the incubator sector of the company, Lynn creates and fosters close ties with global employees as well as clients to enable them to reach their full potential under the guidance of The Mobius Group, ensuring that strategy, values, branding, ethics, and culture are embedded in all of the offices and employees around the world.
“My goal has always been and continues to be focused on ensuring that the Mobius brand and business model rolls out into new geographies seamlessly,” says Lynn from the office in Cape Town.

“We have set standards and processes for how the business runs and it’s my role to support our teams across the globe within the company. This includes creating and implementing technical and service line processes, as well as building the individuals in their teams to ensure that the leaders are able to do what they’re good at and, ultimately, allow their teams to be set for success.”

In addition to this role, Lynn fulfills a client account management role to a spectrum of their clients, many of whom she meets with on her site visits to the various offices around the world. Lynn Martin is able to develop their businesses and understand the Mobius Way, culture, systems and offerings, products and services to ensure their needs are met.

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