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Mobius is assisting a client in the financial industry with defining and documenting business-friendly names, descriptions and segregation of duties conflicts for access permissions/access rights on critical financial systems.

Timelines to deliver on this engagement are extremely tight with role names, descriptions and segregations of duties needing to be completed for 90 applications over a period of 3 months. For these timelines to be achieved we needed an effective and agile approach where multiple activities were happening in parallel. The success of this project was highly dependant on efficiencies which we created through an effective approach, engagements with key stakeholders, and quality of deliverables.

A key deliverable of the project is a role/access rights repository per application. The repository provides a comprehensive view of the following for each application:

all access rights/roles within the applications

business-friendly names and descriptions of access rights/roles,

the risks associated with these rights/roles,

the segregations of duties and conflicts across access rights/roles

privileged access rights/roles per application.

Through this project, Mobius is assisting the client to address the following:

address inconsistencies in the naming of access rights and roles

identify and highlight where segregation of duties conflicts exist

reduce the complexity and improve the understanding of what access rights and roles mean to those who perform access reviews so that business is able to reject incorrect access and minimize segregation of duties conflicts.

Visit our Identity and Access Management service line for more details on our approach.