• October is Cyber Security Awareness month

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Mobius is offering “live hack” demo’s (approximately 30 mins ) to all our valued clients to raise Cyber Security awareness during the month of October.

The Goal 

To educate and ultimately change user behaviour in dealing with nefarious emails and suspicious links.  The demo not only aligns with but very much reinforces the concept of “think before you click”.

The Offering

  • A bespoke demo pack to be used in creating awareness.
  • A one pager that summarises the training that users can take with them post the session. (tips to secure themselves personally)

Demo Details

  • Develop specifically catered bespoke content to educate users on the dangers of clicking malicious links.
  • The content will be interactively demonstrated by a Mobius security specialist, detailing step by step the personal consequences of clicking such links.
  • The content includes a crafted phishing email linking to a custom-built website hosting an embedded malicious payload.
  • The take away from the presentation will include detailed steps on how one can practically improve their cyber security posture from a personal perspective. The steps will be broken down into layman’s technical terms allowing one to immediately take action to secure their cyber setup at home and on the go.
  • Each session will further include a QA session allowing concerns and questions to be posed to the technical specialist

Please contact us if you interested in a demo.

RobertLen@mobiusconsulting.co.za or PaulWagenaar@mobiusconsulting.co.za