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A multinational client approached Mobius with the requirement of running two internal penetration tests and two vulnerability scans at two remote offices simultaneously.

The client, however, did not have the budget for an onsite analyst at both locations, their budget allowed for only one onsite analyst at one location.  As an organisation, Mobius always endeavours to meet our client’s needs and satisfy their requirements while working within their constraints, such as limited budget allocations.  It was decided that the onsite analyst would be deployed to the European head office for the internal penetration test and vulnerability scan.

To satisfy this particular client’s requirements, a custom-built computer was configured by the Mobius Security Testing team. This device was couriered to the South American office that required internal penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.  The computer had the relevant software and tools required to conduct a penetration test and vulnerability scan. Vitaly, the computer was configured to connect back to Mobius’s secure testing infrastructure, upon connecting back to the Mobius infrastructure, a secure virtual tunnel was established. This tunnel allowed for the Mobius Security Testing to access the computer and conduct the relevant internal penetration test and vulnerability scan remotely from our office in South Africa.

This project illustrates Mobius’s innovative approach to provide our clients with quality services while being adaptable to their unique requirements. Mobius was able to simultaneously conduct internal penetration tests and vulnerability scans at both locations with only one onsite analyst at the client. The resulting test not only illustrated Mobius’s technical capabilities in identifying technical vulnerabilities but also highlighted our willingness to innovate to satisfy our customer requirements and deliver the quality work they deserve.