Serious change is afoot in the world of privacy compliance. And right at the forefront is the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), soon to affect organisations on a global level. But how do these changes apply to your business in particular? Sure, you can consult a law firm to help you navigate the legislative minefield, but that will only get you so far. While lawyers can perform the initial task of interpreting the new rules for your situation, the Mobius Privacy team can do it in a way that makes strategic sense for you, building the necessary controls into your enterprise and business processes.

Our skill set goes far beyond gap assessments and single jurisdictional understanding, and is supported by experience in information security and governance. We’re never so compliance-focused that your operations are negatively affected. Quite the opposite, in fact. Interpreting all regulations and legislation from a practical point of view, we assess your situation, map accordingly, then implement controls simply, while taking your growth opportunities into account. And to top it all off, our approach is underpinned by a skills transfer that enables you to drive your own privacy controls sustainably.



  • Practical and simple methodology for easy adoption
  • Contextualise GDPR for your business and act accordingly
  • Fast-track solutions through legislative understanding
  • Proactive strategy to facilitate business growth


  • Pragmatic compliance with GDPR and related legislation
  • Fully contextualised and sustainable solutions
  • Ideal positioning for growth opportunities
  • Simplified privacy management processes and self-governance


  • Multijurisdictional knowledge and experience
  • Legal interpretation and control implementation
  • Privacy management and implementation
  • Information security and governance
  • Gap assessment approach
  • Skills transfer
  • Certification in European Privacy Law (CIPP/E)
  • Certification in Privacy Management (CIPM)
  • Certification in Privacy Technology (CIPT)
  • Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP)
  • Information Security and governance certifications


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