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Information Security

Take action to identify and remediate the underlying problems in your organisation.

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    Take action to identify and remediate the
    underlying problems in your organisation.

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Know your Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Something is clearly wrong. Whenever your business fixes an information security-related issue, it is never long before another one arises. This frustrating cycle continues until you’re forced to admit that ordinary troubleshooting isn’t getting to the heart of the problem.

Start by calling Mobius. Our information security services – encompassing governance, people, process and technology – are designed to identify any and all underlying problems in your organisation.

Once we’ve discovered the root cause, we develop plans and assist you with the remediation and adoption itself, always ensuring our solutions make sense for you from a business point of view. We walk away when it is working – never before.



  • Assessment against best practices and standards

  • Development of governance artefacts – policies, standards and processes

  • Development of Information Security Management System (ISMS)

  • Development of Information Security operating models, programmes and plans

  • Implementation and remediation experience

  • Consultant certifications: ISO27000 Lead Implementers, CISM, CRISC, CISA


  • Improved information security maturity

  • Reduction in information security-related risks

  • Improved compliance and reduction of audit findings

  • Improved compliance and reduction of audit findings

  • Adoption of best practices and standards, customised to your business’s unique situation

  • Fast-track governance and management-related problems


Information Security Readiness Assessments

The Mobius Consulting Information Security gap assessment enables an organisation to evaluate the current state of their Information Security against a number of internationally recognised frameworks. The result is a holistic understanding of your current maturity in relation to Information Security, as well as a view of key Information Security gaps within the environment, from a Governance, People, Process and Technology perspective.

By comparing your actual Information Security practices against industry-leading best practices, companies can determine key Information Security gaps, and furthermore identify where vulnerabilities and risks are imminent. But, more than that, an Information Security gap assessment provides a clear path forward for improving your Information Security posture.



The Mobius Information Security Skills Assessment is designed to accurately evaluate your organisation’s Information Security workforce. The assessment captures the level of proficiency for each required skill, so organisations understand current capabilities and can plan for future skill capabilities, in alignment with organisational goals and digitisation.


Information Security Governace Artefacts

The current Information Security governance landscape across many organisations comprises numerous policies, standards and other related documents (collectively referred to as ‘governance artefacts’). These artefacts are developed and accumulated over a number of years, and consequently, there may be duplication, overlap and possible contradiction amongst these governance artefacts.

The Mobius approach to Information Security artefact review, design and development enables organisations to align their governance artefacts with the organisation’s Information Security governance framework and identify any gaps based on this, review and update the content of the Information Security governance artefacts to ensure relevancy and alignment with the latest regulations and standards and rationalise and consolidate the Information Security governance artefacts.


Security Awareness Alternatives

Are your employees tired of watching security awareness videos? Mobius Consulting suggests 7 engaging alternatives, from hosting awareness days to targeted training sessions, to boost your employees’ security awareness.



Studies show that we can expect an increase in cyber attacks during the holiday season. Therefore, we strongly urge you to be alert. To help you, this free infographic shares how to recognise common attacks, what to do if you’re compromised, and how to stay safe online.



Gain real-time insight into your security posture and boost your employees’ recognition of scams and cyber attacks with our phishing simulations. With over 11 years of assisting clients worldwide to mature their Cyber Security, our experts have the deep insights to provide bespoke phishing simulations, rather than drawing on generic templates.



Mobius Consulting works alongside you so you can focus on your start-up's business, while we run with the security aspects. We can help you start with the end in mind and ensure that you have the correct Cyber Security protections in place for your start-up at each phase of its exciting growth.

Factsheet - Security for Start Ups


The dilemma that most organisations are faced with is a shortage of Information Security and Information Privacy resources, and companies often lack the skills to ensure the success of their Information Security and Information Privacy Programmes.

Mobius Consulting has released a new range of Outsourced Services within our Information Security, Information Privacy, and Cyber Security service lines.

We will assist with the management and execution of an Information Security Programme that supports an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and incorporates governance, roles and responsibilities, technological solutions and continuous monitoring across Information Security.



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