Every organisation today faces a huge range of vulnerabilities to hacking attacks, with every risk point demanding its own technical competences. While the complexity is significant, the bottom line is simple: everything you have in place needs to be secure – and stay secure. Mobius will help you achieve this.

Our offering is genuinely holistic, blending vulnerability scanning and social engineering with hands-on penetration testing that doesn’t stop after a successful attack vector has been identified. This allows for your environments’ security configuration and foundational processes to be pushed to the limit and subsequently inoculated for a vast array of real-world attack methodologies.

Crucially, we identify not just the specific issue, but the root cause in your organisation. The advantage is that you will have the ability to address all your challenges from the ground up – and our reports facilitate remediation by providing clear guidance to your tech teams as well as recommendations to management concerning the broader issues. Whatever the challenge, there is a Mobius expert to address it.



  • Holistically determine problem as well as root cause
  • Work with you to determine scope of requirements
  • Customise attacks where needed
  • Black box, grey box, white box methodologies
  • Once-off or regular assessment (latter recommended)


  • Identification of weak points in system and organisation
  • Detailed remediation report
  • Direct access to other Mobius specialists for resolution


  • Internal network assessments
  • External network assessments
  • Social engineering and phishing campaigns
  • Web application assessments
  • Mobile application assessments
  • Post-exploitation simulation
  • Live hacking demos
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Red teaming
  • OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional)
  • OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)


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