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Exciting news! Mobius Consulting is proud to announce that we have a 100% success rate in getting organisations ready for ISO27001 certification, and we are furthermore fully equipped to help organisations implement the latest ISO 27002:2022 guideline.

ISO 27001 is a globally recognised standard for Information Security Management. And now, with the release of ISO27001:2022 and ISO 27002:2022, organisations will be able to benefit from new and improved best practices for managing their information security.

Mobius relies on this standard to ensure we, and our clients, stay on top of the changing digital world and constantly ensure digital trust. The new version may benefit your organisation by:

  1. Enabling a Digital Information Security Risk Management approach, given advances in ways of work and technology
  2. Providing clear direction and control guidance, which is more relevant and applicable in today’s digital world 
  3. Minimising the risks and impact of more sophisticated cyber attacks
  4. Placing greater emphasis on privacy and data protection, supply chain security and cyber threat management, as per new control introductions

Some of the key changes in the ISO27002:2022 version include:

  1. Decrease in number of controls from 114 to 93
  2. Control areas reduced to 4, opposed to the previous 14
  3. 11 new controls have been added
  4. No controls have been deleted, however certain controls have been merged

Now, let our Information Risk professionals help your business implement the ISO27001:2022 and ISO27002:2022 updates.

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